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Bows and Arrows More about Bows and Arrows Farahs (trousers)
'Put on me bows and arrers'

Box of Toys More about Box of Toys Noise

Brace and Bit More about Brace and Bit Shit

Brace and Bits More about Brace and Bits Tits (breasts)

Brad Pitt More about Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt More about Brad Pitt
'Cor, shes Brad Pitt.'

Brad Pitts More about Brad Pitts Tits (breasts)

Brady Bunch More about Brady Bunch Lunch
'Going down to the Nuclear for Bradys... coming?'

Brahms and Liszt More about Brahms and Liszt Pissed
'Went down the Rubber, got a bit Brahms.'

Bram Stoker More about Bram Stoker Choker
'What a Bram Stoker.'

Brass Band More about Brass Band Hand
'Ouch! I've banged me Brass Band with a bleedin' hammer.'

Brass Bands More about Brass Bands hands

Brass Door More about Brass Door Whore
'I'm going to be knocking on the old Brass Door.'

Brass Flute More about Brass Flute Prostitute
'There are some right Brasses out tonight.'

Brass Tacks More about Brass Tacks Facts

Bread and Butter More about Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter More about Bread and Butter
'Cor that bloke's a right Bread an' Butter.'

Bread and Cheese More about Bread and Cheese Sneeze

Bread and Honey More about Bread and Honey Money

Bread Knife More about Bread Knife Wife

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