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Bish Bash Bosh More about Bish Bash Bosh Wash
'I've got to go and have a Bish Bash Bosh!'

Bit o' Luck More about Bit o Fuck
'I had a bit of luck last night.'

Black and Decker More about Black and Decker Pecker

Blackpool Rock More about Blackpool Rock Cock

Blackpool Tower More about Blackpool Tower Shower
'I'm going for a Blackpool.'

Blade of Grass More about Blade of Grass Arse
'Get your Blade over 'ere.'

Blaine More about Blaine Insane
'Jeez mate - that's a bit David innit?'

Blood Red More about Blood Red Head

Bloody Mary More about Bloody Mary Hairy
'God she's Bloody Mary'

Blue Peter More about Blue Peter Heater
'Turn on the Blue Peter.'

Bo Peep More about Bo Peep Sleep

Boat Race More about Boat Race Face
'Shut yer bloomin' boat!'

Bob Cryer More about Bob Cryer Liar

Bob Hope More about Bob Hope Dope

Bob Marley More about Bob Marley Charlie (cocaine)
'Any Bob Marly around?'

Bob Murray More about Bob Murray Hurry
'Come on I'm in a Bob Murray'

Bob Squash More about Bob Squash Wash

Boba Fett More about Boba Fett Wet

Bobbins and Cotton More about Bobbins and Cotton Rotten
'These apples are Bobbins.'

Bobble Hat and Scarf More about Bobble Hat and Scarf Laugh
'Bobble Hat and Scarf, ur having a laugh.'

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