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Beating Heart More about Beating Heart Tart
'Look at that stupid Beating Heart.'

Becks & Posh More about Becks & Posh Nosh (food)
'I'm right Lee Marvin, think I'll nip out for some Becks & Posh'

Becks and Posh More about Becks and Posh Money (Dosh)
'I can't tonight, I've got no Beck's.'

Bed and Breakfast More about Bed and Breakfast 26

Bee Hive More about Bee Hive Drive
'Last night she bee'd through the pleasure and pain.'

Beecham's Pill More about Beecham
Bill (statement)

Beecham's Pill More about Beecham
Still (photograph)

Bees and Honey More about Bees and Honey Money
'Can you lend us an Ayrton Senna mate? I've run out of Bees and Honey'

Bees Wax More about Bees Wax Tax
'I've paid a lot of Bees Wax this week.'

Beggar boy's arse More about Beggar boy Brass (old Cockney for a prostitute)
'She's a bit brassy'

Beggar Boy's Ass More about Beggar Boy Bass

Beggar My Neighbour More about Beggar My Neighbour On the labour (Labour Exchange)

Behind With the Rent More about Behind With the Rent Bent
'He's definately Behind with the Rent.'

Belinda Carlisles More about Belinda Carlisles Piles (hemorrhoids)

Belinda Carlisles. More about Belinda Carlisles. Piles (hemorrhoids)
'Cor, me Belinda's er givin me jip t'day'

Bell Ringers More about Bell Ringers Fingers

Belt buckle More about Belt buckle Chuckle
'You're 'avin a belt buckle!'

Ben Cartwright More about Ben Cartwright Shite

Ben Dover More about Ben Dover Hangover
'I've Got Such A Bad Ben Dover.'

Ben Sherman More about Ben Sherman German

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