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Barry Nash More about Barry Nash Slash (urinate)
'I'm going to burst if I don't go for a Barry…'

Barry White More about Barry White Shite

Basement Jaxx More about Basement Jaxx Tracks
'I'll be making Basement Jaxx now'

Basil Brush More about Basil Brush Thrush
'I've got a bad case of Basil.'

Basil Fawlty More about Basil Fawlty Balti

Basin of Gravy More about Basin of Gravy Baby

Bat and ball More about Bat and ball Tall
'That lad is a bit Bat and Ball'

Bat and Wicket More about Bat and Wicket Ticket

Bath Bun More about Bath Bun Son

Bath Tub More about Bath Tub Pub
'Jus goin dahn the Bath for a couple o' Pigs'.'

Bathroom Tap More about Bathroom Tap Jap
'The place is full of Bathroom Taps.'

Bathroom Tiles More about Bathroom Tiles Piles (haemorrhoids)
'I've got a nasty case of the Bathroom Tiles'

Battle Cruiser More about Battle Cruiser Boozer
'Let's go dahn the Battle Cruiser'

Battle of Waterloo More about Battle of Waterloo Stew

Baydon Powell More about Baydon Powell Trowel
'Put some Donald on me Baydon.'

Bazaar More about Bazaar Bar (pub)

Beam me up Scotty More about Beam me up Scotty Totty

Beans on Toast More about Beans on Toast
'Hit it off the Beans on Toast'

Beans on Toast More about Beans on Toast
'My penalty hit the beans'

Bear's Paw More about Bear Saw

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