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Baked Beans More about Baked Beans Jeans

Baked Potato More about Baked Potato See you Later

Bale of Straw More about Bale of Straw Raw

Ball of Chalk More about Ball of Chalk Walk
'Missed the bus, I'll 'ave to Ball of Chalk. '

Ball of Fat More about Ball of Fat Cat
'Where's that daft Ball of Fat? It's time for it's dinner!'

Ballet Dancer More about Ballet Dancer Chancer
'Cor he ain't half a Ballet Dancer'

Balloon Car More about Balloon Car Saloon Bar

Bamboo Shoots More about Bamboo Shoots Boots
'As any one seen my Bamboo's?'

Bananarama More about Bananarama To have a situation or a drama
'I'm having a right Bananarama today.'

Band in the Box More about Band in the Box Pox

Band of Hope More about Band of Hope Soap

Bangers and Mash More about Bangers and Mash
Slash (urinate)

Bangers and Mash More about Bangers and Mash
'Go and clear out the Bangers and Mash.'

Bangers and Mash More about Bangers and Mash

Bar o' Soap More about Bar o Pope
'The Bar o'Soap's lookin' a bit Jack & Jill, innee?'

Barack Obama More about Barack Obama Pyjamas
'Go put your Barackas, eh?'

Barb Wired More about Barb Wired Tired
'I'm going to bed,I'm barb wired'

Barnaby Rudge More about Barnaby Rudge Judge

Barnet Fair More about Barnet Fair Hair
'Look at your barnet! Council cut it for yer?'

Barney Marlin More about Barney Marlin Darlin'

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