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English to Slang letter W

Wife Bread Knife

Wife Trouble and Strife
'Me Trouble and Strife's at home with the Bin Lids.'

Wig Syrup of Figs
'That's a definite syrup if ever I saw one!'

Wig Oil Rig
'Look at that Oil Rig 'es wearing'

Wig Farmer's Pig
'I just bought a new Farmer's!'

Wig Irish Jig

Wig Irish jig
'That bird's barnet must be an Irish jig.'

Window Burnt Cinder

Window Tommy Trinder

Window Kevin and Linda
'He's put a brick through the Kevin.'

Windscreen Wiper Billie Piper
'Some slag snapped off me Billies'

Windy Mork and Mindy

Windy Mork and Mindy
'It's a bit Mork and Mindy today. Nearly blew me Titfer right orf!'

Wine Calvin Klein
'Glass of dry white Calvin please.'

Wine (Vino) Quentin Tarantino
'I fancy a glass of Quentin (Tarantino).'

Winner Chicken Dinner
'Everyone's a Chicken Dinner.'

Wishes Pots and Dishes

Woman Gooseberry Puddin'

Wood Dome Good

Woods (Woodbines) Do Me Goods

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