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English to Slang letter W

Water Ten Furlongs Mile and a Quarter

Wazz Keith Vaz
'I'm busting for a Keith'

Web site Wind and Kite
'Check out my new wind and kite'

Wedding Otis Redding
'Lovely Otis Redding it was'

Wee Patrick Mcnee
'I'm desperate for a Patrick'

Wee Rusty Lee
'I'm gawn for a Rusty Lee.'

Wee Dairylea
'I need a Dairylea'

Weed Dog and Lead
'I lost my Dog and Lead.'

Weed Happy Feed
''Ow much Happy 'ave you got?'

Weed Harris Tweed
'He's a bit of an 'Arris'

Week Bubble and Squeak

Weight Pieces of Eight

Wench Tramp On A Bench

Wench Monkey Wrench

Wet Boba Fett

Where abouts Furry Boots
'Furry Boots you going?'

Wife Carving Knife

Wife Fork and Knife

Wife Duchess of Fife

Wife Bag for Life
'I took me Bag for Life to the Dolly Mixtures.'

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