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English to Slang letter T

Towel Jenny Powell

Towel Simon Cowell
'I'm going down to the beach, lay on me old Simon and catch me some rays.'

Town Joe Brown

Town Bobby Brown

Tracks Basement Jaxx
'I'll be making Basement Jaxx now'

Train Hail and Rain
'When's the next Hail and Rain?'

Train Daniel Fergus (McGrain)
'What time's the next Daniel Fergus?'

Train John Wayne

Trainers Claire Rayners

Tram Baa Lamb

Tramp Hurricane Lamp
'Yesterday I saw a Hurricane Lamp.'

Tramp Postage Stamp

Tramp Paraffin Lamp
'Have a wash ya' smelly paraffin'

Tramp Parrafin Lamp

Tramp Oil Lamp

Tramp Thirteen Amp

Tramp Wet 'n' Damp
'He's a bit of a wet n' damp?'

Trash Bangers and Mash
'Go and clear out the Bangers and Mash.'

Trip (acid / ecstasy) Walnut Whip

Trots Zachary Scotts
'Ooh I had a bad case of the Zachary Scotts last week. '

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