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English to Slang letter T

Ticket Bat and Wicket

Ticket Wilson Picket
'I've got the Wilsons for Saturday, mate. Meet me in the Earl of Wakefield around 12.'

Tie Peckham Rye
'Are you gonna wear your new Peckham Rye?'

Tie Peckham Rye

Tights Fly-By-Nights

Till (cash register) Jack and Jill

Tim (Person of a Roman Catholic Persuasion) Jungle Jim
'He's a dirty jungle jim'

Time Lager and Lime
'Let me know what lager and lime you finish'

Time Harry Lime

Time Bird Lime
'Me old man's inside, doin' Bird.'

Tired Barb Wired
'I'm going to bed,I'm barb wired'

To have a situation or a drama Bananarama
'I'm having a right Bananarama today.'

To urinate (slash) Jack Dash
'I need a Jack Dash.'

Toast Holy Ghost
'Ere missis, I'll have two poached Woodens and a slice of Holy with a nice mug of Rosie.'

Toast Holy Ghost

Toaster Roller Coaster

Toddlers / children (Brats) Rug Rats
'Who's are those Rug Rats causing all the noise?'

Toes Edgar Allen Poes

Toes Marilyn Monroes

Toes Bromley By Bows

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