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English to Slang letter T

Testicles Outings and Festivals
'Ooooh, 'e got me right in me outings!'

Text T-rex
'T-rex me on my phone'

Text (message) Malcolm X
'Send us a Malcolm when you get there'

Thanks Shabba Ranks
'shabba ranks for your help claire!'

Thanks Tom Hanks
'Tom Hanks for that old son'

The once over (eye someone up) Kornikova
'Give someone the Kornikova.'

The Sun newspaper Currant Bun
'I read it in the Currant Bun'

Thief Tea Leaf

Thieves Jimmy Greaves

Thieving Tea Leafing

Third (class degree) Dickie Bird
'I got a Dicky Bird in my degree.'

Thirst Geoff Hurst
'Pint of Uri please, got a right Geoff Hurst on.'

Thong Rigobert Song
'Nice Rigobert she's wearing.'

Throat Nanny Goat

Throat Ferret and Stoat
'Ooh me sore Ferret!'

Throat Billy Goat

Thrush Basil Brush
'I've got a bad case of Basil.'

Thugs Spiders and Bugs

Ticket Jiminee Cricket
'I've just bought a pair of Jiminees.'

Ticket Lemony Snicket
'Get some Lemonys for the footy'

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