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English to Slang letter T

Tap (borrow) Cellar Flap

Tatty David Batty
'That rags looking a little Batty'

Tax Candle Wax

Tax Bees Wax
'I've paid a lot of Bees Wax this week.'

Taxi Joe Baxi

Tea Kiki Dee
'Fancy a bit of Acker in yer Kiki?'

Tea Rosie Lee
'Cup of Rosie luv?'

Tea Bruce Lee
'Anyone fancy a Bruce.'

Tea You and Me

Tears Bunny Ears

Tears Britney Spears
'Dry away those Britney Spears'

Teenth (sixteenth of an ounce) Louis
'I can only run to a Louis so shall we get an 'Enry between us?'

Teeth Penelope Keith
'She's got nice Penelopes'

Teeth Bexley Heath
'Look at the Bexley's on that'

Teeth Corn Beef
'I'll knock ya Corns out.'

Teeth Haywards Heath

Teeth Hollie Reath
'He's lying throuh his 'ollie reath!'

Teeth Hampstead Heath
'Got to go down the dentist to have me 'Ampsteads looked at'

Teeth Hounslow Heath
'Been down the fang-wrencher's to get me Hounslow Heath fixed.'

Teeth Ted Heath
'Do you like my new Ted Heaths?'

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