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English to Slang letter S

Spam Jean-Claude van Damme
'Argh, I can't check me emails for all this Jean-Claude van Damme!'

Spanner Elsie Tanner

Spanner Copacabana

Sparko (asleep or unconscious) Donnie Darko
'The guy on the floor was totally Donnie Darko'd'

Sparrow Bow and Arrow

Specs (specatcles) Gregory Pecks
'You've got new Gregory Pecks!'

Specs (spectacles) Mikkel Becks

Specs (spectacles) Posh and Becks
'Pass us me posh and becks'

Spider Apple Cider
'That Apple Cider has 'orrible 'airy Scotch Eggs'

Spine Lager and Lime

Spliff Scratch ' N ' Sniff

Splinter Alan Minter

Spoon Lorna Doone

Spot Randolph Scott

Spot Selina Scott
'That's a nasty Selina you've got there'

Spot Jelly Tot
'Thats a wicked jelly tot on your boat'

Spouse Dangermouse

Spouse Boiler House

Spud Elmer Fudd
'Pass the Elmers, please darling'

Spuds Roy Hudd's

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