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English to Slang letter S

Shaky Currant Cakey

Shambles Jakki Brambles

Shark Noah's Ark

Shave Ocean Wave

Shave Rant an Rave
'When I wake up I have a Rant an Rave'

Shave Mexican Wave
'I am away to have a shower and a Mexican'

Shave Dig in the grave

Shave Chas and Dave

Shave All Night Rave

Shilling Able and Willing
''Ere mate I'm skint, lend us an Able'

Shilling John Dillon
'Lend us a John Dillon'

Shilling Thomas Tilling

Shingles Mandy Dingles
'How are your Mandy Dingles?'

Ship 'Apenny Dip

Shirt Dicky Dirt
'Startin' my new job today. Better put on my best Dicky Dirt.'

Shirt Uncle Bert

Shocker Barry Crocker

Shocker Constantino Rocca

Shoes Ones and Twos
'Put on yer Ones and Twos, and take the dog fer a Ball of Chalk.'

Shop Lollipop

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