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English to Slang letter S

Story Morning Glory
'Let me tell you a Morning Glory.'

Stout (beer) Salmon and Trout

Stranger Queens Park Ranger

Stranger Connaught Ranger

Strangers Glasgow Rangers

Stray Gamma Ray

Streak Dawson's Creek
'I remember Erica doing a Dawsons like it was yesterday'

Street Field of Wheat

Street Field of Wheat

Street Ain't It A Treat
'That's me Lemon down the Ain't It A Treat.'

Strides (trousers) Jekyll and Hydes

Stripper Jack the Ripper

Stripper Chicken Dipper
'Didn't you know Julie's a Chicken Dipper now?'

Strong Annie May Wong
'That's a bit Annie May'

Strong Ping Pong

Stunner Air Gunner
'Cwar! She's a right Air Gunner!'

Style Plymouth Argyle
'I like ya Plymouth Argyle'

Style Sandy Lyle
'I like your Sandy Lyle'

Style Tate and Lyle

Styled Wet 'n' Wild
'I've had my hair wet 'n' wild'

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