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Steak Charlie Drake
'I'll have a well done Charlie darlin'.'

Steak and Kidney Kate and Sydney

Stella (beer) Keith Dellar
'I'll have a pint of Keith'

Stella (beer) Paul Weller

Stella (beer) Nelson Mandela

Stella (beer) Yuri Geller

Stella (beer) Cinderella
'I've been drinkin' Cinderellas all night'

Stella (beer) David Mellor

Stench Dawn French
'Phew there's a Dawn French coming out of those drains today. '

Stench Dame Judy Dench

Stench Judy Dench
'Don't go in that toilet there's a right Judy in there'

Stew Battle of Waterloo

Sticks (countryside) Pick and Mix
'It's ages seen I been out in the pick 'n mix'

Still (photograph) Beecham's Pill

Stilsons (Pipe Wrenches) Harold Wilson's

Stink Pen and Ink
'Cor your breath don't 'alf Pen and Ink!'

Stinker (bad game) Regi Blinker

Stools April Fools

Story Jackanory

Story Frankie DeTory
'What's the Frankie?'

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