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English to Slang letter S

Spunk Harry Monk

Spunk Harry Monk

Squeal Jellied Eel
'Darren you fookin' Jelly'

Squitters Gary Glitters
'I caught a right does of the Garys'

Stab Doner Kebab
'Harry got Doner Kebebbed last night'

Stairs Dancing Bears
'Get up those Dancing Bears right now!'

Stairs Daisy Dancers

Stairs Apples and Pears
'Up the Apples and Pears to Bedfordshire'

Star Lah-Di-Dah

Starbie's (Starbucks) Ken and Barbies

Starbucks Lisa Tarbucks
'Let's head for Lisa Tarbucks!'

Starved Pear Halved

Starving Lee Marvin

Starving Hank Marvin

State Harry Tate

State Two and Eight
'Clear up your room - it's a right two and eight!'

State Six and Eight

Steak Sexton Blake

Steak Kate

Steak Joe Blake

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