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English to Slang letter R

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Rent Burton-On-Trent
'I'm so boracic I can't even pay me Burton'

Rent Duke of Kent

Ride Charlie Pride

Right Isle of Wight

Ring Jonathan King
'I'm a bit sore today, I feel like I've been battered around the Jonathan King.'

Ring Highland Fling

River Shake and Shiver

Road Kermit

Road Frog and Toad

Robbing Apple Bobbing
'He's been out Apple Bobbing again.'

Rocks Salford Docks

Roof Gawd's Truth

Roof Horse's Hoof

Rookie Biscuit and Cookie

Rose and crown (pub) Lousy Brown

Rotten Dot Cotton
'That looks absolutely Dot Cotton.'

Rotten Bobbins and Cotton
'These apples are Bobbins.'

Rotten Nick Cotton
'It's all gone a bit Nick Cotton'

Rotten Reels of Cotton

rotten Reels of Cotton
'Hh my God that bird was propa Reels of Cotton'

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