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English to Slang letter R

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Rabbits Nuns and Habits

Races Airs and Graces

Racing Post Holy Ghost

Rail Toby Ale

Rain Pleasure and Pain

Rain Duke of Spain

Rain Ache and Pain

Rain Cynthia Paine

Ramble Sol Campbell
'Just going for a bit of a Sol Campbell'

Raver Cheesey Quaver
'Back in 1989 South Mimms Services was often a meeting place for Cheesey Quavers before the M25 acid.'

Raw Bale of Straw

Razor Malky Fraser
'You're gettin a malky'

Readies (cash) Duane Eddies

Readies (pound notes) Nelson Eddy's

Real Ian Beale
'I'm keepin' it Ian Beale innit. '

Reasons Four Seasons

Red (communist) Better Off Dead

Reddies Nelson Eddies

Redundance Ticket to the Dance
'He's got a ticket to the dance'

Reek Ancient Greek

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