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English to Slang letter P

Prison Boom and Mizzen

Pruno (prison liquor) San Bruno
'That bloke is brewing San Bruno in his cell!'

Pub Nuclear Sub

Pub Rub-A-Dub
'Fancy the Rubber?'

Pub Bath Tub
'Jus goin dahn the Bath for a couple o' Pigs'.'

Pub Wormwood Scrubs
'Comin down the Wormwood Scrubs?'

Puff Brian Clough
'Got any Brian on ya.'

Puff (breath, life) Nelly Duff
'Not on your Nelly!'

Punter Billy Bunter
'Get your finger out there's a queue of Billy Bunters.'

Punters Hillman Hunters

Pyjamas Barack Obama
'Go put your Barackas, eh?'

Pyjamas Simon Schamas
'Me grandad's only gone down the quack's in his Simons'

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