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English to Slang letter P

Potato Spanish Waiter
'Go down the greengrocers and buy a dozen nice Spanish Waiters. '

Pound (currency) Sov

Pound (currency) Quid

Pound (currency) Plymouth Sound

Powder (cocaine) Nicky Lauder
'Can you get me a gram of Nicky?'

Pox Nervo and Knox

Pox Surrey Docks

Pox Surries (Surrey Docks)
'Stay away she's got the Surries'

Pox Band in the Box

Prat Paper Hat

Prayer Weaver's Chair
'You 'aven't got a weavers!'

Preggers (pregnant) Keith Cheggers
'Are you Keith Cheggers?'

Preggers/pregnant Keith Cheggars
'Is she Keith Cheggars or just a bit on the old fat side?'

Price Anekka Rice
'Paid a right good Anakke Rice for this motor.'

Price Condoleezza Rice
'Check the Condoleezza Rice on that item'

Priest Bag of Yeast

Priest Far East

Priest Dirty Beast

Printer Alan Minter
'Looks like the paper has got jammed in the Alan again !'

Printer Bernie Winter

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