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English to Slang letter P

Pom To and From

Ponce Charlie Ronce

Ponce Alphonse

Poo Betty Boo
'Where's the lav, I need a Betty!'

Poo Efan Ekuku

Poo Four by Two
'I'm busting for a Four by Two'

Pools (the pools) April Fools

Poor On the Floor

Poorly Sue Lawley
'I'm feeling a bit Sue Lawley'

Pope Bar o' Soap
'The Bar o'Soap's lookin' a bit Jack & Jill, innee?'

Pork Dwight Yorke

Porker Native New Yorker
'Cos, 'e's a bit of an Native New Yorker innee'

Porn Johhny Vaughan

Porn Franky Vaughan
'Watching a Franky Vaughan tonight?'

Porn Goldie Hawn
'Just havin' a flick thru me Goldie.'

Portuguese Pork And Cheese
'He's Pork And Cheese - he's Portuguese'

Post Sunday Roast

Post Beans on Toast
'My penalty hit the beans'

Post Beans on Toast
'Hit it off the Beans on Toast'

Poster Roller Coaster

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