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English to Slang letter P

Pirate Millwal In Riot
'These DVD's are all Millwall In Riot'

Pistol Lady From Bristol

Pistol Lady of Bristol

Pitch (stall or stand) Hedge and Ditch

Pizza Omar Riza
'Give us a slice of that Omar'

Place Drum and Bass

Plan Jackie Chan
'I've a Jackie'

Plan Manfred Mann

Plant Eddy Grant
'I think there's an Eddie Grant on (while playing snooker)'

Plants Uncles and Aunts
'Just had to dirty daughter me uncles and aunts'

Please Hairy Knees

Pleb Alexander Hleb
'"I'm sorry. I made a complete Alexander Hleb of myself last night"'

Pleb Spider's web

Plonker Willy Wonka

Pocket Sky Rocket

Pocket Lucy Locket

Pocket Davey Crocket
'Take ya hands out ya Davey!'

Pocket Davy Crockett

Pole (as in Polish citizen). Used (allegedly) during WW2. Jam Roll
'He's a Jam Role!'

Pole (Polish person) Swiss Roll

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