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English to Slang letter P

Piece (lunch) Merlyn Rees

Pikey How d'ya Likey

Pikey Do As You Likey

Pikey As You Likey

Piles Shetland Isles

Piles Plymouth Argylls
'Ooh me Plymouth Argylls are griping today!'

Piles Nobby Stiles

Piles (haemorrhoids) Chalfonts St. Giles
'Ooh, me Chalfonts are givin' me gyp!'

Pill Jimmy Hill

Pill Jack and Jill
'Me girlfriend's on the Jack and Jill at last'

Pill Harry Hill
'Are you on the Harry Hill darling?'

Pillow Weeping Willow

Pills Benny Hills
'I'm gonna get Benny'd up.'

Pin Huckleberry Finn
'There are ten Huckleberry Finns per frame.'

Pinch (steal) Half Inch
'Someone's 'Alf Inched me wallet!'

Pinch (steal) Half Inch
'My motor's just been 'alf inched!'

Pint of Ale Ship Full Sail
'Let's have a Ship.'

Pint of Stella Nelson
'Nelson Mandela'

Pint of Stella Uri Gella
'Get us a pint of Uri.'

Pipe Cherry Ripe

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