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English to Slang letter P

Phat Roland Rat
'That is well Roland Rat'

Philharmonic Tonic

Phone Trombone

Phone Strawberry Rhone

Phone Sharone Stone
'No worries china give us buzz on the Sharon.'

Phone Joey Ramone

Phone Jelly Bone
'Aw me Jelly's vibrating'

Phone Nina Simone
'Stop rabbitting on the Nina and put the Frank Skinner on woman'

Phone Molly Malone

Phone Dog and Bone
'Who's that on the Dog and Bone then?'

Phone Herring Bone

Piano Joanna
'Get on the old Joanna, and let's have a good old ding dong!'

Pickles Harvey Nichols

Pictures Dolly Mixtures

Pictures Fleas and Itches
'I'm off to the Fleas and Itches.'

Piddle (urinate) Jimmy Riddle

Piddle (urinate) Jimmy Riddle

Piddle (urinate) Lauren Riddle
'Jus goin for a Lauren Riddle'

Piddle (urinate) Malcolm in the Middle
'I'm going for a Malcolm, mate...'

Pie Isle of Skye
'I'd like some Isle of Skye.'

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