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English to Slang letter P

Party Russell Harty

Party Todd Carty
'We're 'avin a bit of a Todd Carty (Todd Carty plays Mark Fowler in Eastenders)'

Pawn (in-pawn) Bullock's Horn

PC Plod (policeman) Fishing Rod
'Watch out theres a Fishin' Rod over there.'

Peas On Your Knees

Peck (of food) Tooting Bec
'I'm feeling a bit Tooting Beckish'

Pee Ken Smee

Pee Bruce Lee

Pee Jet Li

Pee C'est La Vie
'Oi garcon, je require un C'est La Vie.'

Pee Ali G
'I need an Ali G'

Peelers (police) Pittsburgh Steelers

Pen Layin Hen

Pen Bill and Ben
'Where's my Bill and Ben.'

Penalty Fare Cherie Blair
'I jumped of the tube and got Cheried'

Penny Abergavenny

Penny Kilkenny

Pension Shawshank Redemption

Perv Optic Nerve

Perv (look at girls) Dodge And Swerve
'Going down to the Nuclear Sub for a bit of a Dodge?'

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