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English to Slang letter N

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Nightmare Trevor Sinclair

Nightmare Lionel Blair

Nightmare Lionel Blaire

Noise Box of Toys

Nonce (i.e pervert, paeodophile) Bacon Bonce
'That geezer's a right nonce'

Nose Duke Of Montrose
'Keep your Duke right out of it ok!'

Nose Fireman's Hose
'Barry Manilow has a massive Fireman's.'

Nose Garden Hose

Nose Hairy Toes
'Look at his huge Hairy Toes.'

Nose I Suppose
'I've got a pimple on the end of me I Suppose'

Nose Irish Rose

Nose Bugle

Nose Mary Rose
'Keep yer Mary outa me business mate'

Nose Red Rose

Nosh (food) Becks & Posh
'I'm right Lee Marvin, think I'll nip out for some Becks & Posh'

Nowt Brussel Sprout
'He getting Brussels Sprout, I'm Borassic'

Number Samantha Mumba

Number Ten (Downing Street) Maggie's Den

Nun Currant Bun

Nun Hot Cross Bun

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