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English to Slang letter M

Mistake Jaffa Cake
'"That was a bit of a Jaffa..."'

Moans Catherine Zeta Jones
'Here she goes with her Zeta Jones.'

Mobi (mobile phone) Obi Wan Kenobi
'Call me on me Obi Wan'

Moby (mobile phone) Uncle Toby

Money Bees and Honey
'Can you lend us an Ayrton Senna mate? I've run out of Bees and Honey'

Money Bread and Honey

Money Bugs Bunny

Money Bunse
'How much money did we make last month Del? Loads o' Bunse Rodders, loads o' Bunse!'

Money Fluffy Bunny
'Look at all that Fluffy Bunny.'

Money (Dosh) Becks and Posh
'I can't tonight, I've got no Beck's.'

Moody Richard and Judy
'Your suit is well Richard and Judy'

Moody Richard and Judy

Moody Punch n Judy
'Don't get all Punch and Judy'

Mormon Jerry O'Gorman

Morning Day's Dawning

Motor Haddock & Bloater
'Where's ya haddock parked son?'

Motor Haddock and Bloater

Motor Tea, Two, and a Bloater

Motor Yarmouth Bloater
'Seen my new Yarmouth?'

Mouth North and South
'Shut yer North and South.'

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