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English to Slang letter L

Liar Holy Friar

Liar Town Crier

Lie Cherry Pie
'U're tellin a Cherry ain't ya son!!'

Lies Porky Pies
'Stop tellin' me Porkies!'

Lies porky pies

Lighter Street Fighter
'Who's got a street fighter?'

Lighter Street Fighter
'Pass me the Street Fighter will you?'

Lighter German Fighter
'Borrow us your German Fighter'

Line (cocaine) Patsy Cline
'I'll sort out a few Patsy's mate'

Lips Filter Tips
'Not a dickie has past my filter'

Lisp Quentin Crisp
'You heard that muppet with the Quentin?'

Liver Cheerful Giver

Liver Swanee River

Liverpool Poor Man's Gruel
'You support Poor Man's Gruel? You fool!'

Living room Bride and Groom

Loan shark Cutty Sark

Lodger Artful Dodger

Loner Jack Joner
'Look at that Jack Joner.'

Long Donkey Kong
'Mate, this journey's well Donkey Kong.'

Look Butcher's Hook
'Give us a Butcher's at your paper mate.'

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