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English to Slang letter L

Laugh Cow's Calf

Laugh Turkish Bath

Laugh Wooly Hat and Scarf

Lazy Patrick Swayze
'He's a bit Patrick Swayze inne'

Leeds String o' Beads
'Gonna watch String o' beads tonight'

Legs Scotch Eggs

Legs Scotch Pegs

Legs Pin Pegs
'Nice Pins darlin'!'

Legs Ham and Eggs

Legs Mystic Megs

Legs Mystic Megs
'Have you seen the Mystics on that?'

Legs Cribbage Pegs
''and right through my Rank and Riches did my Cribbage Pegs burst''

Legs Bacon and Eggs
'Cor, look at the Bacon and Eggs on 'er!'

Legs Clothes Pegs

Leicester Square Euan Blair
'Meet me at Euan Blair'

Level Gary Neville
'The scores are Gary Neville'

Level Gary Neville
'He's on the Gary Neville'

Liar Dunlop Tyre

Liar Deep Fat Fryer
'You're just a Deep Fat Fryer.'

Liar Bob Cryer

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  • Tweet WHISKEY AND SODA means SKODA #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet JONATHAN ROSS'D means LOST #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet JANE FONDA means WANDER #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet STRAWBERRY RHONE means PHONE #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet GRAVY LUMPS means DUMPS #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang

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