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English to Slang letter H

Hemorrhoids Emma Freuds

Hemorrhoids Clement Freuds

Hemp Martin Kemp
'Got any martin???'

Hide Duck and Dive

Hill Jack and Jill

Hill Rhubarb Pill

Hips Fish and Chips
'Move those Fish and Chips darling.'

Hole Drum Roll

Home Gates of Rome

Home Pope in Rome

Honours Jimmy Connors
'Do the Jimmy Connors, mate'

Hooker One Time Looker

Hooter (nose) Pea Shooter
'He got hit on the Pea Shooter!'

Horse Charing Cross

Horse Bottle of Sauce

Hot Alan Knott
'It ain't half Alan Knott in here.'

Hot Peas in the Pot
'Bit peasy in 'ere, innit?'

House Rat and Mouse

House Cat and Mouse

Hump Donald Trump
'Had a Donald Trump in the back of the car'

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