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English to Slang letter G

Gout (joint pains) Twist and Shout
'He's suffering with the Twist and Shout'

Gramme Leg of Lamb
'Can I have a leg of that mate?'

Grand (as in One Thousand Pounds) Rio Ferdinand
'That cost me a Rio Ferdinand. What a rip-off!'

Grass Duck's Arse
'Don't talk to him mate, he's a Duck's Arse.'

Gravy Army and Navy

Gravy Merchant Navy
'Pass the Merchant.'

Gravy Royal Navy
'Pass us the Royal Navy'

Greek Bubble and Squeak

Greek Bubble and Squeak

Grief Lee Van Cleef
'Can't go to the pub tonight mate, the wife will give me Lee Van Cleef!'

Grief Omar Sharif

Grouch Peter Crouch
'Oh, he's such a Peter!'

Ground Penny A Pound

Ground Tuppence a pound
'I found it on the Tuppence'

Growler Arthur Fowler

Grumble Rhubarb Crumble
'You mustn't Rhubarb'

Guilty Clonakilty

Gullet (throat) Ruud Hullit
'Went straight down my 'Ruud Hullit''

Guts Fruit and Nuts
'I've copped it in the Fruit and Nuts'

Guts Newington Butts

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