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English to Slang letter C

Crap Horse and Trap
'I am going to have a Horse and Trap'

Crash Pie and Mash
'Just had a pie and mash in me car'

Crash Sausage and Mash

Crazy Patrick Swayze
'Your Patrick Swayze mate!'

Crazy Gert and Daisy

Crazy Chicken Jalfrezi
'He's Chicken Jalfrezi.'

Crime Lemon Lime

Crime Lemon and Lime

Crook Joe Rook

Crook Babbling Brook

Crust You Must

Crutch Double Dutch

Crutch Rabbit Hutch
'I just got kicked in the Rabbit 'Utch'

Cry Pipe Your Eye

Cup o' Tea Jack Dee
'Jack Dee - 1 sugar, cheers, mate!'

Cup of tea Jay-Z
'Make me a Jay-Z'

Cupboard Mother Hubbard

Cupboard Old Mother Hubbard

Curry Fred McMurray
'Going for a Fred'

Curry Bill Murray

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