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English to Slang letter C

Cop Pork Chop
'Lets run from the Pork Chop.'

Cop (policeman) John Hop

Copper Space Hopper
'There goes a Space Hopper.'

Copper (policeman) Bottle and Stopper

Copper (policeman) Bottle and Stopper

Coppers (police) Joe Hoppers
'The Joe Hoppers did a dawn raid.'

Cops Cozzer's

Cork Duke of York

Corner Johnny Horner

Corner Little Jack Horner
'Just around the Little Jack Horner!'

Couch Kangaroo Pouch
'Help me move my kangaroo.'

Cough Darren Gough

Cough Vincent van Gogh

Couldn't give a Kate Moss mate Kate Moss

Cow Chairman Mao
'Look at the udders on that Chairman!'

Coward Frankie Howard
'Anytime there's a Barney, he Scapas like a Frankie Howard'

Crabs Dibs and Dabs
'Last time I go wiv 'er, the filthy cow 'ad a touch of the Dibs and Dabs.'

Crabs Andy McNabs
'Don't take 'er 'ome - you'll get a right case of the Andy's'

Crabs Jim Bob Babs
'Bleeding Nora, I just caught a case of Jim Bobs!'

Crabs Sandy McNabs
'I've got the old Sandy McNabs'

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