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English to Slang letter C

Chest Bristol and West
'Cor look at 'er Bristols'

Chest Bird's Nest

Child Wet and Wild
'She's popped a wet and wild.'

Child (kid) God Forbid

Child Molester Charlie Chester

Child Molester Uncle Fester
'Keep away he's a Fester!'

Chilly Uncle Billy

Chin Vera Lynn

Chin Dusty Bin

Chin Errol Flynn
'Land one on his Errol.'

Chin Harry Lin

Chink Kitchen sink
'Going to the ktchin sink for some Tommy Tupper'

Chink Fizzy drink

Chink (Chinese meal) Tiddly Wink
'Fancy a tiddly wink later?'

Chink (Chinese Person) Limehouse Link

Chink (Chinese person) Rink-A-Dink

Chink (Chinese person) Kitchen Sink
'Yeah - he's a kitchen sink'

Chink (chinese person) Missing Link
'That geezer is a Missing Link.'

Chinks (Chinese people) Tiddly winks

Chips Jockey's Whips

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