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English to Slang letter C

Car La-Di-Dah

Car Near and Far

Car YoYo Ma
'Have a butcher's at me new yoyo !'

Car keys Fergal Sharkeys
'Can't find my Fergals anywhere!'

Carling Alistair Darling
'You're having a pint of Yuri Gellar and I'll have an Alistair '

Carling Roger Starling

Cash Sausage and Mash

Cash Arthur Ashe

Cash Bangers and Mash

Cash Dot and Dash

Cash Crosby, Stills and Nash

Cash Oscar Asche

Cash Pie And Mash
'You got any Pie on ya?'

Cash Jumpin' Jack Flash
'I've got plenty of Jumpin' Jack Flash in me Sky Rocket.'

Cat Postman Pat

Cat Cooking Fat
'Don't tease the cooking fat !'

Cat Ball of Fat
'Where's that daft Ball of Fat? It's time for it's dinner!'

Cat This and That

Catch ya later Kat Slater

Cell (prison) Flowery Dell

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