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English to Slang letter C

Cab Flounder & Dab
'Grab a swift Flounder accross town.'

Cab Smash and Grab
'I'm off down the pub, I'll get a smash home'

Cab Smash and grab
'Come out the station and waited for a smash'

Cab (taxi) Sherbet Dab

Cab (taxi) Andy McNab
'I'm goin gettig an Andy McNab home'

Cab (taxi) Left Jab

Cadge Coat and Badge

Cafe Colonel Gadaffi

Cake Joe Blake
'Want some Joe Blake mate?'

Cake Sexton Blake

Can (of beer) Jackie Chan
'You want to come around to my gaf for a few Jackies tonight?'

Cancel Nigel Mansell
'Got to Nigel Mansell my subscription'

Cancer Sunny Dancer
'Wot's wrong with him? 'Es got sunny dancer innee?'

Candle Harry Randall

Cans (headphones) Desperate Dans

Cappucino Al Pacino

Car Andrew Marr
'I'll have a look in the Andrew Maerr'

Car Danny Marr

Car Jam Jar

Car Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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