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English to Slang letter B

Blazer Razor

Blind Bacon Rind
'Is the ref Bacon Rind or what?'

Blind All Behind

Bloke Heap of Coke

Blood Roy Hudd
'That'll stop the Toy Hudd for a while'

Blotto (drunk) Santa's Grotto

Blower (phone) Lawn mower

Blower (telephone) Percy Thrower
'Lend us ya Percy, I need to make a call.'

Blower (telephone) Álvaro Arbeloa
'Get that freezer on the Arbeloa, we need to talk'

Boat Nanny Goat

Bob (shilling) Touch Me On the Knob

Bog Kermit the Frog
'In the kermit, on the dog.'

Bog Cat and Dog

Bog (toilet) Boss Hogg
'Going to the Boss for an Eartha.'

Bog (toilet) Spotty Dog
'I just need to pop into the Spotty.'

Boil Arthur Conan Doyle
'Clive, get that kettle on the arfur!''

Boil Conan Doyle

Boil Can of Oil

Boil Paraffin Oil
'I've got a Paraffin on me Isa'

bolt/runawy Harry Holt
'He's done the Harry Holt'

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