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Bent Clark Kent
'He's a bit Clarke Kent'

Bent Duke of Kent
'He's a Duke '

Bent (criminal) Stoke On Trent

Bent (from the rapper 50 Cent) 50 Cent
'ur a bit 50'

Bent (gay) Stoke On Trent

Bent (homosexual) Mailed and Sent

Bent (homosexual) Fifty Cent
'Your mate is fifty cent'

Best Mae West

Bet Jumbo Jet

Bet House To Let

Beverage Edna Everage

Bevvy (drink) Don Revie
'Are we going for a couple of Don Revies tonight'

Bible Slander and Libel
'Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!'

Biggun Barry McGuigan
'Don't give it the Barry McQuigan'

Biggun Barry McGuigan

Bigot Lester Piggot

Bike Clever Mike

Bike Dick Van Dyke
'On your Dick Van Dyke.'

Bike. Alibi Ike was a movie star. Alibi Ike

Bill Muswell Hill
'Can I get the Muswell mate.'

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