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Choice Rolls-Royce
'Its your Rolls'

Choker Bram Stoker
'What a Bram Stoker.'

Chuckle Belt buckle
'You're 'avin a belt buckle!'

Chum bubble gum
'How you doin' Bubble Gum'

Chum Fruit (Gum)
'Alright me old Fruit?'

Chunder (Be sick) Stevie Wonder
'I can feel a Stevie coming on.'

Church Left in the Lurch

Cider Knight Rider
'Grab a bottle of Knight Rider too.'

Cider Easy Rider

Cider Deep Sea Glider

Cider Sean Ryder
'I'll 'ave a pint of Sean Ryder'

Cider Winona Ryder

Cigar Lah-di-dah
'Two pints of bitter and a Lahdi please.'

Cigar La-Di-Da

Cigar Lar-Dee-Dar

Circle Angela Merkel
'Going to the museums? Take the Angela Merkel and get orf at South Kensington.'

Civilian Sampa Brazilian
'Hey. No sweat, I`m only a Sampa, mate.'

Clanger (mistake) Coat Hanger

Claret (blood) Boiled Beef and Carrots

Clink (jail) Kitchen Sink

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