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Trousers Doogie Howsers
'Nice Doogie Howsers.'

Trousers Lesley Crowthers

Trousers Round the Houses

Trowel Baydon Powell
'Put some Donald on me Baydon.'

True Irish stew
'Too Iish, me old China, too Irish !'

Trunks Chipmunks

Truth Babe Ruth
'Ain't that the Babe'

Tube Rubik's Cube
'Shall we go on the Rubic's?'

Tube Oxo Cube

Tune Stewed Prune

Turd Thora Hird
'Oh! I'm dying for a Thora'

Turd Richard the Third

Turd Douglas Hurd

Turd Lemon Curd
'I just nearly trod on that lemon curd'

Turf Harry Worth
'It's not happening on my Harry!'

Turk Captain Kirk
'Lot of Captains around this area.'

Turk Captain Kirk

Turkey Pinky and Perky

Twenty two Dinky Doo

Twig (understand) Earwig

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