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Shoes Tom Cruise
'Have you seen me old Tom's.'

Shoes Rhythm and Blues

Shoes Scooby Doo's
'Just putting on me Scooby's.'

Shoes St. Louis Blues
'Check out me new St. Louis'

Shoes Ones and Twos
'Put on yer Ones and Twos, and take the dog fer a Ball of Chalk.'

Shoes Ones and Twos
'Cracking ones and twos'

Shoes Jimmy Choo's

Shoes Church Pews
'Bought a new pair of Churches.'

Shoes (Looby Lou was a character in children's TV programme Andy Pandy) Looby Lou's
'Seen my Loobies?'

Shop Lollipop

Shop Cheggers Plays Pop

Shop Bottle of Pop
'Wat u gettin from the Bottle.'

Shoulders Noddy Holders
'I've a right pain in me Noddy Holders !'

Shout Brussel Sprout

Shout (round) Wally Grout

Shovel Lord Lovell

Shower Blackpool Tower
'I'm going for a Blackpool.'

Shower Austin Power
'Just jumping in the Austin'

Shower Eiffel Tower

Shower Fawlty Tower
'I'll just have a Fawlty Tower'

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