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Shite Jedi Knight
'I'm going for a Jedi'

Shite Ian Wright
'Your dad's Ian Wright'

Shite Tom Kite

Shite Turkish Delight

Shite Shine A Light
'Shine A Light, I've lost my keys.'

Shite Jimmy White
'I'm dying for a Jimmy White!'

Shiter (toilet) Ronson Lighter
'I'm off to the Ronson lighter'

Shites Arabian Nights
'I've got a touch of the Arabians.'

Shitter Gary Glitter
'Ooh me Gary Glitter givin' my the right gyp.'

Shitter (arse) Apple Fritter

Shitter (arse) Council Gritter

Shitter (arse) Rick Whitter

Shitter (arse) Light and Bitter

Shitter (Arse) Radio Transmitter
'My partner lets me do them up the Radio Transmitter if I do the washing up.'

Shitter (arse) Pineapple Fritter

Shitter (from Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter) Morgan
'Just nipping to the Morgan for an Eartha'

Shocker Constantino Rocca

Shocker Barry Crocker

Shoe How D'You Do

Shoe Winnie the Pooh
'Nice pair of Winnie's'

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