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English to Slang letter

Sense Eighteen Pence

Sex Bendy Flex
'Just going for a bit of Bendy.'

Sex Posh 'n' Becks
'He's off getting some 'Posh'.'

Sex Oedipus Rex

Sex Liberty X
'I got me some Liberty.'

Sexy Long and Flexy

Shabby Westminster Abbey

Shades Virginia Wades

Shag Zig and Zag
'Any chance of a Zig and Zag?'

Shag Melvyn Bragg

Shakes Hatti Jaques

Shaky Currant Cakey

Shambles Jakki Brambles

Shandy Mahatma Ghandi
'I'll have a pint of Mahatma, mate'

Shark Noah's Ark

Shave Ocean Wave

Shave Rant an Rave
'When I wake up I have a Rant an Rave'

Shave Mexican Wave
'I am away to have a shower and a Mexican'

Shave Dig in the grave

Shave All Night Rave

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