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Telly K Y Jelly
'Fred's on the KY Jelly'

Telly Marie Correlli

Telly Liza Minnelli
'What's on the Liza'

Telly Matthew Kelly
'what's on the Matthew Kelly tonight mate?'

Telly Roger Mellie

Telly Wobbly Jelly

Ten Tony Benn
'Should we call it a Tony Benner'

Ten Uncle Ben
'Lend me an Uncle Ben will you?'

Ten Big Ben

Ten Bill and Ben

Ten Dirty Den

Ten (£10) Speckled Hen
'Lend us a Speckled son.'

Ten (pounds) Nigel Benn
'Lend us a Nigel.'

Ten pounds Pavarotti
'Lend us a Pavarotti'

Tenner Jim Fenner
'Where's that Jim you owe me?'

Tenner (10 pound note) Louise Wener

Tenner (10 pound note) Paul Mckenna

Tennis Les Dennis
'When's the Les Dennis on?'

Testicles Outings and Festivals
'Ooooh, 'e got me right in me outings!'

Text T-rex
'T-rex me on my phone'

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