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Beard Strange and Weird

Beast Bag of Yeast

Beating Unscheduled Meeting
'Shut up or there would be an unscheduled meeting'

Beaut (beauty) John Deut
'Wot a John Duet'

Beauty Tutti Frutti

Beaver Sigourney Weaver

Bed Scratch Yer Head

Bed Skein of Thread

Bed Uncle Ted

Bed Uncle Ned
'I'm Cream Crackered. I'm off to my Uncle Ned.'

Bed Fakey Ned
'I'm off up the apples and pear to Fakey Ned.'

Bed Born and Bred

Beef Itchy Teeth

Beef Stop Thief

Beer Richard Gere
'I'm just going out for a couple of Richards.'

Beer Pig's Ear

Beer King Lear

Beers Britney Spears
'Let's go fer a few Britneys'

Beers Ray Mears
'I'm going down the pub for a few Ray Mears''

Beggar Ewan McGreggor

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