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£110 Dirty Den

£50 (Vanessa Feltz -> half a ton) Vanessa

1 pound Nicker
'Lend us a Nicker mate'

1 pound Lost and Found
'Can you lend us a Lost and Found mate?'

1 pound (nicker) Alan Whicker
'Go down the pound shop - everything's only a Nicker'

10 Cock and Hen
'You don't get much change from a Cock and Hen for a pint of Pig's Ear in this Battle Cruiser'

10 pounds (tenner) Cockle

10 pounds (tenner) Ayrton Senna

10 pounds (tenner) Bill and Benner
'You got that Bill and Benner you owe me?'

100 Century

100 Day's Work

100 Long Un

100 Ton

1000 Grand
'Bought a new motor, only a grand'

1000 pounds (Grand) Bag of Sand

11 Legs

15 pounds Commodore
'Lend us a Commodore mate.'

2 Bottle of Glue

2:1 degree result Atilla the Hunn
'I got an Atilla in maths at Uni.'

20 pounds Score
'Come on love, it's only a Score!'

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