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English to Slang letter

Chapel Pineapple

Charlie ( Coke ) Lemon Barley
'I'm clukin for a line of the ol' Lemon.'

Charlie (cocaine) Gianluca Vialli

Charlie (cocaine) Boutrous Boutrous Gali

Charlie (cocaine) Bob Marley
'Any Bob Marly around?'

Charlie (Cocaine) Andy Farley

Charlie (cocaine) Oats and Barley
'On the oats.'

Charlie (cocaine) Salvador Dali

Charlie (Cocaine) Saladore Dali

Charlie (coke) Oats's And Barley
'Let's have a toot of ya Oats'

Charmer Jeffrey Dahmer
'He's quite a Jeffrey, your boyfriend'

Chat Frank and Pat
'It was nice having this Frank and Pat'

Chat Chew the fat

Chat Natter

Chat Top Hat

Cheap Meryl streep
'That car is well Meryl Streep'

Cheek Once A Week

Cheese Stand At Ease

Cheese Bended Knees

Cheese John Cleese

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