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English to Slang letter

Bum Deaf and Dumb

Bum Bottle of Rum
'Nice Bottle Of Rum.'

Bunion Sage and onion

Bunion Spanish Onion

Bunk (bed) Pineapple Chunk

Burger King Itchy Ring
'I right fancy an Itchy Ring'

Burp Wyatt Earp
'Gawd, Didn't I let this great big Wyatt out'

Burst (urinate) Geoff Hurst

Bus Uncle Gus
'Let's catch the Uncle Gus.'

Bust Princes Trust
'Look at the Prince's on her'

Butter Calcutta
'Pass the Calcutta over here would ya please?'

Cab Flounder & Dab
'Grab a swift Flounder accross town.'

Cab Smash and grab
'Come out the station and waited for a smash'

Cab Smash and Grab
'I'm off down the pub, I'll get a smash home'

Cab (taxi) Sherbet Dab

Cab (taxi) Left Jab

Cab (taxi) Andy McNab
'I'm goin gettig an Andy McNab home'

Cadge Coat and Badge

Cafe Colonel Gadaffi

Cake Joe Blake
'Want some Joe Blake mate?'

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