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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter H

Haddock & Bloater More about Haddock & Bloater Motor
'Where's ya haddock parked son?'

Haddock and Bloater More about Haddock and Bloater Motor

Hagen Daas More about Hagen Daas Arse

Hail and Rain More about Hail and Rain Train
'When's the next Hail and Rain?'

Hair Gel More about Hair Gel Bell

Hairy Chest More about Hairy Chest Very best
'Cheers mate all the hairy chest'

Hairy Knees More about Hairy Knees Please

Hairy Toes More about Hairy Toes Nose
'Look at his huge Hairy Toes.'

Hale and hearty More about Hale and hearty Party
'Come to my hale and hearty'

Hale and Pace More about Hale and Pace Face
'What's wrong with your Hale and Pace?'

Half A Gross More about Half A Gross Dose

Half An Oxford Scholar More about Half An Oxford Scholar Half a dollar

Half Inch More about Half Inch
Pinch (steal)
'Someone's 'Alf Inched me wallet!'

Half Inch More about Half Inch
Pinch (steal)
'My motor's just been 'alf inched!'

Ham and Cheesy More about Ham and Cheesy Easy

Ham and Egger More about Ham and Egger Beggar

Ham and Eggs More about Ham and Eggs Legs

Hammer and Tack More about Hammer and Tack Back

Hampden Roar More about Hampden Roar Score
'You know the Hampden'

Hampstead Heath More about Hampstead Heath Teeth
'Got to go down the dentist to have me 'Ampsteads looked at'

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