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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter F

Faith and Hope More about Faith and Hope Soap

Fakey Ned More about Fakey Ned Bed
'I'm off up the apples and pear to Fakey Ned.'

False Start More about False Start Fart
'Mate, I just False Started.'

Fanny Craddock More about Fanny Craddock Haddock

Far East More about Far East Priest

Farmer Giles More about Farmer Giles Piles

Farmer's Daughter More about Farmer Quarter

Farmer's Pig More about Farmer Wig
'I just bought a new Farmer's!'

Farmers Truck More about Farmers Truck Fuck
'I couldn't giva a Farmer's Truck guv'

Fat Boy Slim More about Fat Boy Slim Gym
'Goin' down the Fat Boy Slim'

Father Ted More about Father Ted Dead

Fawlty Tower More about Fawlty Tower Shower
'I'll just have a Fawlty Tower'

Feather and Flip More about Feather and Flip
Kip (sleep)

Feather and Flip More about Feather and Flip

Feathers More about Feathers 33

Fergal Sharkey More about Fergal Sharkey Darkie ( a coloured gentleman)
'This Gaff is full of Fergals.'

Fergal Sharkeys More about Fergal Sharkeys Car keys
'Can't find my Fergals anywhere!'

Ferret and Stoat More about Ferret and Stoat Throat
'Ooh me sore Ferret!'

Fibre of Your Fabric More about Fibre of Your Fabric Loot (money)

Field of Wheat More about Field of Wheat

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